About Austin CARITAS


The Austin CARITAS mission was started by a group of Catholic college students at the University of Texas at Austin in 2013. CARITAS—latin for love—here stands for "Catholics Answering the Redeemer's Invitation To Authentic Sanctity". This group sought to be the missionary generation that Pope Francis calls us to be. While many people look for mission work in foreign countries, this group saw a need right around them in Austin. The 5-day mission has been held in Austin, TX ever since.

The Mission

During this 5-day mission you will have the chance to participate in service projects with various refugee homes and social outreach ministries, serving the poorest of poor in the Austin area. Each day we will also celebrate Mass, listen to spiritual presentations, and participate in Adoration to encourage a spirit of prayer and Christian service. We especially look to the Blessed Mother to guide us as we travel out into Austin and encounter others. After all, we believe that "She is the great missionary! She will work miracles!".